Holiday shows.

You are welcome to join me for 2 fantastic art shows this weekend

This Friday at the Lincoln Arts Gallery and he Monique Rancourt Artisans Gallery will have 3 new exhibits and live music with Session450.

Holiday Party with 3 new exhibits  & live music
Holiday Party with
3 new exhibits
& live music

This Sunday I’ll be doing my first crafts fair fundraiser for the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation . It’s a Dicken’s theme and I made faux gingerbread houses scented with spices.



Hope you can come join in the holiday fun.


ABC’s of Aquatic disaster, a series in progress

The structure of the alphabet is a great way to begin fleshing out a series and researching the sea monsters is interesting.

Island At Sea oil on canvas 480.00
Island At Sea
oil on canvas

For the Iku-Turso, I added the Finnish submarine from WWII with the same name.

Iku Turso oil on canvas 450.00

As I learned about the ocean, I found out about the terrible jelly fish problem. I thought for Ceto they would make a beautiful glow in her underwater nursery.

Ceto, Mother of Monsters and Storms oil on canvas 480.00
Ceto, Mother of Monsters and Storms
oil on canvas

The Hydra is famous but I didn’t know that one of it’s defenses is it’s stinky. If you cut off one of it’s heads, it smells terrible. Smell is a sense that we miss too often in telling legends. I painted the Hydra on a beautiful day on an island before it’s gruesome end.

Hydra oil on canvas 480.00
oil on canvas

the ABC’s of Aquatic Disaster began with Godzilla

Home oil on canvas 300.00
oil on canvas

I have already begun a series of monster paintings where I was imagining Godzilla’s away from the classic movie. I love the image of him coming home from work after a successful day of destruction.

Home II oil on canvas 300.00
Home II
oil on canvas

I also did images of him watching the morning sun.

Morning Beast oil on canvas 425.00
Morning Beast
oil on canvas

I also painted him singing.

Song oil on canvas 475.00
oil on canvas


Call for art Love & Fate


Call for Art

Love & Fate


Artist Deadline: Jan 29th & 30th – see details below

Opening Night: (with psychic readings) Friday Feb 5th 7-9

Exhibit Dates: Friday Feb. 5th – Friday March 1st

Location: Lincoln Studios Gallery, 289 Moody street Waltham, MA

The Lincoln Studios Gallery (formerly The Lincoln Arts Project)  is a new exhibit opportunity, sponsored by the Monique Rancourt Artisan Gallery in support of non traditional space and the arts in Waltham. Questions? email Sarah Leon

Submission guidelines

Open to all media. all submissions must be ready to hang, with secure wire.

Entry fee $10.00 due as artists drops off artwork for review.

Please make checks out to Monique Rancourt Artisan gallery.

Gallery Sales: 20% gallery commission, and 80% to the artist

The Gallery does not have insurance to cover theft or damage of artwork, therefore, the artist agrees to show their work at their own risk.

Submission process

Art drop off days, Friday Jan 29 & Sat Jan 30. 12-6pm. Sat Jan 30 all artists will be notified of their show status.

Artists who were not accepted, must pick up, Sunday Jan 31 from 12 – 6pm

Opening Night is Friday Feb. 5th

Opening night extras – Psychics will give short Romantic readings. Our goal is to move beyond the traditional whispers over wine and cheese and create an interesting conversation.

Closing/ Artist Pickup – Tuesday March 1st – Thurs March 3, 12-6 pm

Please be aware of the dates listed, we cannot store artwork that is not picked up on time due to overlapping exhibitions/installations. If you cannot pick up your artwork please make appropriate arrangements to have your work picked up on time (friends, family or co-workers can pick up your artwork for you). If work is not picked up on time, artists will be invoiced $15 per a day in late fees and will not allowed to enter another exhibition until paying their invoices. At the end of the exhibition staff is not responsible for any pick-up transportation, damage or theft once exhibition concludes.